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Default A treat for John Bonham fans

June 21st, 1977 is generally considered by Led Zeppelin fanatics and bootleg collectors as one of Led Zeppelin's all time best live performances. 1977 is generally known among LZ heavyweights as a very bland year. The band was just plain terrible [compared to earlier years, but no one knew that back then I would imagine]. John Paul Jones was the steady man, like always. Bonzo had his decent nights, but nothing compared to 1973 and before. Jimmy Page was a Heroin junkie, and Robert Plant basically just lost his voice. Now and again, the band would, for lack of a better word. This night, in particular, is an absolute monster. Jimmy Page owns the Los Angelas Forum, Robert Plant sounds like 1972, and most, if not all LZ fans will declare this night Bonzo's greatest performance. What can I say about JPJ? He's the man.

Here is the opening number for direct download: The Song Remains the Same

Bonzo absolutely destroys this song into the ground. He comes out full blast, swinging for the fences. It's probably his single greatest live performance. It's like he was transformed back to 1968, when he had endless energy, and morphed into 1973, adding on the thunderous power. Too bad it was for only one night.
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