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Awesome drummer, very nice person to meet!

I was lucky enough to meet him and help set up his kit a few years back when I was backlining for a local drum festival. He would walk up to everybody who was working or performing to shake their hand and say a warm "Hi I'm Benny". He made us laugh fooling around with the other drums kits (he had fun with Franky Costanza's double bass kit) during the sound check and later on put on an great entertaining and educational show.

I was really surprised to meet him because I didn't know he would be coming. The truck arrived at the venue to deliver all the kits we had to set up, and while we were unboxing them I was wondering who would be on Sonor that night. Ten minutes later he arrives out of nowhere saying hello and shaking hands with everybody... My jaw dropped! It was funny and very pleasing surprise. After the show I was thanking over and over again my drum teacher for getting me the job.

Here are some of the pictures I manged to take (sorry for the bad quality - I was supposed to be setting up drum up kits not taking pictures hehe!)
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