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Default Re: Do your pets like your drumming?

Originally Posted by Fishgopop007 View Post
I had 2 birman cats until 1 died about 2 weeks ago, and they both hated it, the surviving one still hates it sometimes, and sometimes will just do a runner out of the house asap :P

Sorry to hear about your cat man. Definitely sux losing a pet. My one orange kitten would crawl through the hole in my bass drum and sleep on the pillow. Well one time I sat down and first thing I hit was the bass drum... he freaked out and was bouncing around trying to find his way out. I felt so bad but after that he would either try playing with the beater as I played or lay on the couch and watch. I loved that kitten, but he escaped and I never found him.

The current dog and cat absolutely HATE when I play. Oh well... I dont like em too much either. The dog pees on my stands and the cat hates me and everyone else. And she stinks. LOL
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