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Default Re: How to write a music ad

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
Even if (especially if) youíre a diaper punk with a FirstAct instrument.

Experienced multi-instrumentalist ISO cello, bass and drums for original New Age death metal cover band. Must have several tribal bicep tats and large drum set with symbols. Influences: Banghammer 12, Spunkmuffin 17, The Breast Augmenters, Descended Testicle, Putrid Smell, Satanís Chum, Sunny Day Real Estate. Must have own gear and transportation and a professional attitude. Call Shorty or Biff at 123-4567.
Why you gotta knock my set man? I put Aquarians on it..Damn stool keeps falling over though ; P
LOL..Thats just hilarious. Its funny 'cus its so true. I d send you to the Myspace page of the last band that contacted me but it would just be too mean.
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