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Default Re: Do your pets like your drumming?

Originally Posted by PermaNoob View Post
Barney the one-eyed bassedor thinks it's OK, doesn't care hat much one way or the other

Franklin the Corgi/Alsatian LOVES drumming. Despite our discouragement, he likes to put his nose on the reso heads (sometimes in a bass port) likes to grab the kick beater (for which he gets a mallet on the head) and will regularly tip over my snare or just put his front legs up on my lap and watch
if he doesn't get to play (we yell at him b/c we are trying to work something out) he either grabs a toy and tries to may the drums play with him or askes to go outside and run in circles

all with a big doggie smile
I used to have a corgi who would lay down in front of the bass drum when I played. Corgis are apparently a strange breed!
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