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Default Re: Drumming cartoons

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Why not go for something really exciting like accountancy or statistics (eh Pol?).
Like Thaard's crew, I'm in a geeky band - we have a curator of musical instruments, a conservator of museum collections, a magazine editor, a graphic/web designer and an HR metrics consultant (formerly design and database admin).

When I was eleven I recorded the maximum temprature of every day of the year, each entry colour-coded according to decile (we had Fahrenheit back then), then I averaged out the temps by month. No idea why. Just mad, I guess.

This band is a veritable excitement machine! Man, the punters are gunna be jumpin' once we hit the retirement village circuit!

However, not even we would perform a song about maths :)

Originally Posted by Thaard
Hehe, it wasnt that bad. To me, you sounded like one of those experimental jazz-vocalists. My band is writing a new tune called Equations and theories, where everyone in the band has to sing. The lyrics themselves will be about physics and maths, since our guitarist is pretty keen on it. Probably turn out awful :P
Yes, you're right. You clearly picked up my artful use of flattened notes in variance from the expected melody ...

Equations and Theories ... sure to be a hit at the Norwegian MENSA Annual Conference :)
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