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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Hi Todd!
It's kind of a drag to record everything in one take, especially when our bass player only played bass for 2 years now, while me and the guitarist has more years behind us on our instrument. Even if I like her as a person and think that she's learned alot playing the bass with us for the lat years or so, I feel sometimes that I want someone with more experience on the instrument.

Some more questions:
Have you recorded something with Jerry Goodman else than the trcks he recorded for you?

I saw a video on with a little interview with you in it. Will you appear some more in the future(you want to)?

Btw, I noticed that you did a clinic with Jimmy DeGrasso. He's also been a huge inspiration to me. He's pretty much badass when it comes to "metaldrumming"(If I can express it that way). How was it to do a clinic with him?

Anyway, I try to think positive thoughts about life and realise at we get gigs and get to play drums infront of people and feel the energy and joy of playing. It keeps me young(okey, I'm 21, so I'm not old either). My teacher Roy has given me alot to think about when I play and was thinking I could share some things that he thinks about when he plays and practice.
You can perhaps say what you think of these thoughts

Here are more thoughts about how you could approach practicing listening with your heart:

1. What does the music make you feel? Donít talk; express it through your playing!
2. Listen to the melody and play it how it wants to be played. Listen to itís own expression with your heart and express it through the playing.
3. Listen to the melody being played by you and express through your playing, the feelings that are being evoked by your playing of the melody.
4. Allow the melody play you instead of you playing the melody.
5. Let the music play you instead of you playing the music.
6. Be in the music.
7. Become the melody that you are playing.
8. Realize that you (love) are the melody that you are playing.
9. Learn the text as it can help and enhance your heartís perception.
10. Play/Sing the text. The text can enhance your heartís perception as the text deals with feelings. Sing the text and the feelings that it inspires through the instrument
11. Play Ballads and listen to each note, realizing that your greatness (love) is being expressed by you, through you.
12. Be aware of what you are saying by listening and being aware to meaning of what you are saying.
13. Improvise with space so that you can reflect and be aware of what you are saying.
14. Sing! Singing tends to be less intellectual and more from the heart.
15. Play what you singÖ. Your instrument is an extension of your heartís (loveís) expression. Try avoiding singing what you play.

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