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Default Re: Drumming cartoons

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Tom angles! :)

Andy, that's two 'toons "by you" ... Bernhard/Steve and now Stan. You seem to be good at this so if you have any more bright ideas, pass em on :)

I have a rough idea banging around in my head about a metal drummer playing a restaurant but the idea isn't fully formed yet.
I like the metal drummer in a restaurant idea, perhaps even emerging from an elevator complete with elevator music background. Oooooh, the frustration. Larry and I discussed a superb toon idea, but the mods would jump all over us!

I'll try to think of a few mad ones. Come to think of it,

Stan judging a WFD competition between Matt & Tim with "steam" blasting out of his ears. Tim says to matt "it's those sticks holding you back", Matt to Tim "no, it's your hair".

Grunt judging a BEST ever top 10 drummer & BEST ever top 10 kit combo competition and Gretch don't make the grade.

DMC at check in getting charged $1,000,000 excess baggage on his ironwood kit. "but Mr. Conga, a 747 can only take 60 tonnes".

Wy receiving a "snare tax" invoice from Kevin Rudd.

I'll engage brain after my second coffee.
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