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Default Re: Getting Pissed at the local scene!

Well thank you mike and yes very wise to say... i guess it is just this hardcore music man... it is all the same i mean i know i sound like an old person but it is tiring when the music is just an equation for the musician... when a band says well okay here is what we want our song to sound like that is cool ... but when a band goes okay we need a breakdown here (because every song needs a break down) and a circle pit part here (just like every other song) and a crowd shouting part here in the same order every song which is basically reverse of what i just listed then it is like ugh man where is the heart? but i seriously think people are tired of it also... so i am glad to see that a new type of music shall be rising soon. i hope i will be a part of it... i cant say we have a genre in my band but i can say that we are unique and people like us... but we just have to find our place to grow!!! so i am encouraged and i am willing to move on up but i am not willing to be heartless to my music... does that make since... like i love different music and all music if it is real!!! when it isn't heartless!!!
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