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Default Re: Questions about Texas music scenes

Originally Posted by mcbike View Post
If you do only want to play christan metal you are alot better off in dfw. There is no scene for that in austin really. Dallas is in the bible belt and there are a ton of megachurches and a support structure for christan metal, and christian musicians. Austin's metal scene is quite the opposite of that. But if you want to play secular music austin is the better choice.
I do want to start or join a Christian metal band. But i want to play Christain and non-Christian places with my Christian metal band with Christian and non-Christian bands. With this info would you still say that Dallas is the better place for me?

I have been talking with the owner of HM mag which is the biggest Christian rock/metal mag in print. They are based out of Austin and he has told me that Austin is great.
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