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Default Re: Egotistical lead guitar players

Why is it that I have, so far, gotten along famously with guitar matter how good they are? The two that I've spent the longest playing with could go anywhere and play anything...yet chose to stick it out with me. Zero ego, all respect and humility. Awesome guys.

Bass players on the other hand, have been a terrible experience for me. Case and point; the guy I play with now. Doesn't practice outside of band rehearsal...says, "I don't do practice, it's not my thing." He'll crank his amp up until the walls are crumbling, so he can be over-the-top and heard in the next county. It's not like the rest of the band matters, anyhow. After the first couple months of "dumb drummer" jokes, it became harder to laugh it off. This guy really thinks drummers are dumb...*all* drummers, by virtue of their chosen instrument. The irony is lost on him, obviously. He shows up drunk, won't listen to the rest of the band, and generally gets under my skin.

I've played w/ 3 or 4 bassists who can seriously lay it down, including this fellow. All of them have been ego-fanatical jackasses, so far. The ones with a good attitude are the ones who can't do much beyond going w/ the groove.

That's just my little experience in my little corner of the universe.
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