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Default Re: Egotistical lead guitar players

I had a church minister of music leave to go back to his own church and this great guy and musician was replaced by the most egotistical, obnoxious, rock star wannbe guitar player this side of the universe. The dude didn't know an eighth note from his a$$hole, but he sure could tell others what to do. Even though he couldn't lead a band to save his life, the way he kept his job was to brown-nose his boss - the pastor of the church. It was pretty much obvious he thought he was hot sh*t, yet he got confused when I played anything other than straight 4/4 simple rock beats with the snare on 2 and 4 and the bass on 1 and 3. What really pissed me off was when he wanted me out of his band so he could bring in his good friend (I later learned that was his plan all along, but he had to wait a few months to make it look ok), the prick didn't even have the balls to tell me. He had to get one of the guitar players to do it. And instead of answering my email questions on why he let me go and what was my weakest thing, he instead sent the cops after me for "harrassing" him. Guy was a total prick.

And another story about a bass player from my recent band. I always was asking him if what I was playing fit into what he was playing as we are the rhythm section and need to gel and sound good. The jerk always to me NOT to follow him, but follow the singer and rhythm guitar player. The a$$hole never did anything to help promote the band, never bought any group equipment, never offered to reimburse for group expenses. Basically he just did nothing but sit on his ass and play bass and offer his opinion on everything. Then the dick lead the charge to fire me by telling the leader it's either him or me. And seeing as how we were to play an major gig less than a week later, a drummer is easier to replace sometimes than a bass player, He knew several drummers who could sub at the last minute, so he pushed for my firing. The leader didn't want to loose him since he had been with the band longer than I had been. So I was fired because of his huge EGO.
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