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Default Re: Questions about Texas music scenes

Originally Posted by Tommycanuhearme View Post
Well my friend, I've lived in both cities and San Antonio is by far a SAFER AND CLEANER city than Houston. OK, I'll give you a few good reasons, aside from the construction, which by the way Houston and Austin have as well, it has a ton of history. Besides the Alamo you have the Spanish missions, ever heard of the King Williams District? They have houses they are 150 years old that are simply beautiful, it's a big tourist attraction and people still live in the houses. The Olmos Pharmacy was a diner/pharmacy fifty years ago, the original diner is still there, but the pharmacy part is now a bar. They have jazz, blues, celtic and rock bands there every night, we play there once a month. George Bush visted the Pharmacy a few years ago because of it's history. The hill country is right around the cornor, lots of beautiful scenery with houses built on the hills. We have Seaworld and Fiesta Texas. I have not seen the "racism" with hispanics, blacks or whites. The city is big enough to find things to do, but small enough to get around fairly easily. Let's not forget about the Riverwalk and the Majestic Theatre.

I think it's a beautiful city, lots of trees and hills. It's not near as humid as Houston and the winters are pretty mild. The music scene could be better, but it's still not terrible.
There is tons more, but I don't want to bore our readers. .
Agreed. And the Mexicans there are mostly Mexican-American, not Illegal Aliens and also some of my best friends. I have lived in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Corpus Christi. Houston is the armpit of the state as far as major cities. Too many Mosquitos, humidity, rednecks, rain, humidity, traffic, mildew smell everywhere, hodgepodge zoning, and did I mention unbearable humidity for at least 9 months out of the year?

San Antonio has culture, which most American cities outside of New Orleans, Boston and San Francisco do not. And you are right about the racism - everyone basically gets along there. And so long as you are not driving through the east or west side waving a gun out the window, you will not be bothered by any gangs. Which is not the case in Houston's Fifth Ward or Dallas' Fair Park district.

BTW, my first job was at the HEB that used to be just north of the Olmos Pharmacy. My first Ludwig set was bought at Olmos Music on Mc Cullough about 3/4 a mile north of there, back before they went out of business. I have lived there a total of 15 years of my life and I love that town.
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