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Default My friend & other animals

Properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend.

I'm one of those guys who believe that they are the nicest people on earth. Meet Leo, who is my shadow, my bud, my private comedian, my soulmate. There is nothing he likes more than to lay his head inches from my 22'" Yamaha MCAN bass drum and snooze through my woodshedding.

I can honesty say that there are not many things or people that I love more than Leo.

I thought I 'd share him with you guys. There used to be a pets thread here which seems to have evaporated into thin air so here's a tribute to the guy who makes me a better drummer ( sorry for the stretch )

Please show us you mutts n pooches....and your cats & rats, and parrots, and lizards and snakes and all or any creatures that enhance your quality as a human being and therefore make you a better drummer.

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