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Default Re: Questions about Texas music scenes

I think san antonio is a terrible city, has nothing to do with sports. Most of the people I know who live in san antonio feel the same way. In fact I'm a member of a large facebook group called "keep san antonio lame". The only thing I like about san antonio is the gunter haus, and the alamo even though they ruined it putting a gift shop in it.

You haven't given any reason why san antonio is great other than slagging houston for traffic and illegals? I hate to break it too you but san antonio has both of those too. I have never lived in san antonio, why don't you enlighten us as to why somebody would want to move there?

the only reason this guy would want to move to san antonio is because of the metal scene, but not because the venues pay bands there. I have played white rabbit, the underground, the venue, and hog wild and I've never gotten paid more than $20 bucks there. the same band gets $1000 a night in austin.

I have no references for this but this is what I found when I googled best places to live san antonio

san antonio is
1) top 5 in the nation for obesity
2) top 5 in the nation for teenage pregnancy.....
3) top 5 in the nation for railroad accidents with motor vehicles
4) top 5 mistreatment of zoo animals
5) extreme problems with pollen and cedar
6) extreme traffic congestion for no reason and traffic accidents
7) complete suburban separation from inner city
8) extreme racism towards hispanics
9) disparaging wage/salary gap for hispanics
10) extremely high property tax
11) bizarre oil formation on the highways and roads when it rains
12) overwhelming and extreme problems with illegal immigrants
13) extremely high property tax
14) high gang activity and high crime rate
15) the city is still under looks a mess!!!!.
16) la cantera and northstar mall filed bankruptcy
17) the first american cities with swine flu.
18) the hyatt downtown was built fraudulently and hasn't been paid for
19) Unusually large number of night club shootings
20) Unusually large number of apartment and house fires
21) One performing arts theatre with a very limited number
of performances
22) Job salaries are substantially lower than other cities
23) Extreme poverty
24) 2010's worst city for accurate public assistance distribution
25) Unbelievable high amount racism towards Blacks and Whites
26) Auto insurance is always increased substantially, due to the large number of car thefts and illegal immigrants that are uninsured
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