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Default Re: Questions about Texas music scenes

I'm just trying to be honest about texas cities not trying to hurt anybodies feelings. I live in Houston and the only reason I stay here is because my mom is disabled and has cancer and I don't want to leave her. I don't really like Houston other than it is really cheap to live here. That being said Houston's music scene is more viable than san antonio. Unless you know about some venues that I don't know.

What limited information I know about you (drummingman) I would say austin is your best bet. I don't know exactly what kind of metal you like but you did say in another thread you were jamming mastodon. that sounds like austin to me. san antonio is more purist classic metal, thrash, death.. and bands like obituary are huge there. austin is more indie metal stuff like mastodon, the sword, high on fire, etc. those bands are huge there.

also austin is a little over an hour away from san antonio so it's not that bad of a drive to go see shows in both cities and most bands in the area play both scenes. you can also find non-metal work all over austin there are tons of gigs in that city. just look at the craigslist for musicians wanted, I think if you have an open mind you will be able to find a gig that you like. the only drawbacks to austin are relatively expensive cost of living, but there is really good public transportation. I believe you can find a deal anywhere though so I think it would be cool. As long as you find a cheap place to live, and decent job you will be fine. Austin has a ton of clubs, tons of kids, tons of musicians, really great scenes. not to mention sxsw and austin city limits, plus chaos in tejas which is a punk/metal festival every year that keeps getting bigger. I would live there myself if it wasn't for taking care of my parents.

I gig all the time and even though I live in houston half my gigs are in austin, the rest are split up between houston, college station, dallas. I played san antonio once last year, and the last time I tried to get a gig there the club offered us a slot with no pay on a tuesday night. and we are from out of town. I don't think we'll be playing san antonio until that situation changes.
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