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Default Re: Egotistical lead guitar players

I made a bad faux pas when I was younger (I'm sure you're shocked). The boyfriend of a good of mine became a jamming mate. He was a super-hot lead player who could nail Al Di Meola shreds as though it was easy. He had zero taste, though, and could sit there shredding until the cows came home.

I was playing in a punkish new wave band at the time and invited this guy to come along for a jam. About halfway through the first song, where Peter had shifted to endless shredding mode, the band's guitarist simply put down his guitar and walked away and left him to it.

To say I felt awkward, embarrassed and guilty was an understatement. I just wanted to crawl into my bass drum and never come out. Later the band's guitarist had a few choice words for me. Live and learn ...

I've been lucky and never played in a band with an egotistical lead guitarist. There was one guy who was capable of playing guitar hero and could play blistering solos, but always with the band egging him on. He was a very unassuming guy and, if we didn't push him, he'd be happy to play support (and do it beautifully) from go to whoa. A lovely guy but, sadly, also highly unstable and untogether.
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