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Default Re: Questions about Texas music scenes

Originally Posted by mcbike View Post
I live in houston, but I gig all around texas.

If you want to be a musician in general austin is the place to be. There are more musicians, more clubs, more support, etc. than anywhere else. That being said the metal scene in austin is very trendy, and they only like what they like, and if you don't fit that at the particular moment they aren't very receptive. the hardcore and punk scenes in austin are a lot bigger than metal. most of the popular metal bands in austin are bands that do the retro thing like the sword, and iron age. One of the bouncers at this club I play at moved to austin from tennessee to do the metal thing, and they have been searching for a bass player for 6 months. I heard the demo and they are REALLY good. It's two twin brothers on guitar that are super tight and they got a really smokin drummer but everybody in austin is "too cool" to do it. you basically have to play the flavor of the month to get interest and gigs in austin. but if you want to do any other kind of playing there is so much work in austin it's ridiculous. also austin has death metal pizza. good venue's are red 7, emo's, broken neck. austin used to have a really good venue called the back room that closed in 2006.

San antonio while it is a terrible city, and terrible music scene in general actually has a huge metal scene. mexicans in san antonio LOVE metal. out of all the texas city's it is by far the biggest metal scene. They have a deep appreciation for metal in san antonio and all the sub genres are represented well there. the white rabbit, the venue, and the underground are good clubs there.

I used to live in dallas/ft. worth and I think the music scene up there is terrible. there is always a lack of clubs that support any kind of scene, and everything is too spread out. sure you get an area with that many people there is going to be metal fans, but it is so spread out that that scene never really reaches any momentum unless it's something huge like ozzfest. dallas is more of a redneck metal kind of town. there aren't a whole lot of metal specific clubs, just bigger clubs that will do metal shows every once and a while and dive bar neighborhood bars that will host shows for local bands.

I don't play metal, but honestly you might want to ask some of the bands that you like which town they think has a better scene. I know alot more about the hardcore and punk scenes than metal.

You should visit texas though and check out all three of those options. you could see them all in a weekend.
Thanks for all the great info man! I wish i could visit all these cities but i really cant afford to. I am trying to find out as much as i can about them by talking to people that way i can make a good choice because where i move to where i move to i will be there for a good long while.

I have been told that Austin has a small but good metal scene. My thoughts about Dallas/Fort Worth were the same as yours about it being very spread out. I have also heard what you said about San Antonio.

Which of these cities would you move to knowing what you know if you were me and were looking for what im looking for?
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