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Default Re: Egotistical lead guitar players

I have played guitar for many many years,but never bought into the competitive side that so many seem to get into music for.I have though been around several guitarists,that are just too hard to cope with.The type that every thing the band does,turns it into something of a chore.Then after all the drama,doesnt show up for the gig on friday night,because theyre not "feeling it".

But at the same time,I have met drummers that would make any egotistical guitarist look like a saint.The guy that wont practice because one of his resonant heads are busted.The guy that wont practice if he doesnt have some weed.Seriously,ive seen my old drummer pack it up at practice for the sickest reasons.

of course theres the singer that only shows up for gigs.Hes above having to practice,and hes the first person to butcher the set.

Guess my point is,that Bass players are always pretty laid back lol.
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