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Default Re: Getting Pissed at the local scene!

Originally Posted by Jhanes View Post
... when places only book this stupid fad!!
Get used to that stupid fad (whichever one you were referring to) because it never goes away - it just morphs from one to another, so it's fair to say it's one long continuum of stupid fad that always has been, and always will be with us.

But I would caution you not to throw the baby out with the bath water. There are always innovations buried in those fads that you don't want to completely ignore. Take from it what is appealing and useful and toss the the rest. Mix it in with the style (fad) you're currently trying to "make it" in and keep on the lookout for new things to incorporate/reject from other fads (from all eras). That's how progress is made and originality maintained.

If you're a purist and are trying to stay "true" to a particular style, you'll for sure go out with it (if it isn't already gone).
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