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Just got home from a Benny Greb clinic here in Seminole Florida and I must say he gave the best showing I have seen to date. He was playing a Sonor Delite drum set, and Meinl cymbals and he sounded great. He played a few songs, played a few solos, and answered all questions to the fullest. He has a great sense of humor and was very good at explaining what he was doing even stopping at times to mock his use of English since he is from Germany. Watching his hands closely was amazing as his fingers would leave the stick and return at such a rate that at times it looked as if he had no contact with the stick at all. Very interesting. His main message in his talk was to emphasize HOW you play and not so much WHAT you play. TIMING is very important but is meaningless without GROOVE. The clinic was about 2 hours long and very worthwhile. If you get a chance to see any of the pros, go see them.

Didn't see this thread when I started another. Posted this Sunday.

During one of his solos he was playing with his hands and scratching his fingernails on the coated snare head, pushing the floor tom against the other floor tom, to click the rims, pushing the snare up against the rack tom to click the rims. Pretty good sound mic'ed. Then he turned his snare over and was playing the resonant side, and scraping the snares with a stick like a cheese grater. Great sounds and a lot of imagination. Of course all of these sounds were in rhythm.
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