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Default Re: New Videos: Vinnie Colaiuta - Tal Wilkenfeld

Originally Posted by oops View Post
Saw Tal with Wayne Krantz and Keith Carlock last year.

She really is tiny. She also didn't play most of the set, because she was having foldback problems. And she seemed really really crabby.

Talked to my bass player later, turns out he went to school with her in Sydney. When he knew her she was ok at guitar.

They parted ways, she picked up bass and now she tours with Herbie, Clapton, Wayne Krantz etc...
She is a rare bird. Started playing guitar at fourteen, switched to bass at seventeen. Within a few months got her first endorsement and at eighteen started playing in various New York jazz clubs. By twenty she composed, produced, arranged and recorded her first album, with Wayne Krantz, Geoffrey Keezer, saxophonist Seamus Blake, and Keith Carlock. She's been hard at work since, and to good effect.
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