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Default Re: Help With Skateboard Purchase

Originally Posted by harryconway View Post
Skateboards are a very "individualistic" item. Much like drum sets. I'd find a "board shop" close to home, talk to a sales clerk about cost of a deck, wheels, and trucks, and then give the young lady a gift card for that shop. Maybe have a few other people kick in, as well.
Cant go wrong with doing this... boards these days have so many different finishes, along with shapes, type of riding style and so on. With a gift card, she has the option to put together her own custom deck suited to her own tastes. And in doing this she not only gets to see whats available, but also learns how to put together and adjust/tweak things to get the "perfect" board. IMO, this would be WAY much more fun than just getting a board from a store. This would be her own creation... and would probably hold alot more meaning to her. Skate Or Die Man!!!
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