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Default Re: Can Drummers Cook?

I taught myself to cook after the end of my first marriage. At that time I'd had it with women and it was a slow time in my career. I was all alone, just like the first time I had sex. I watched cooking shows on TV, learned about spices and sauces, got a couple of good knives, cut recipes from the newspaper.

By the time I met my second and current and forever wife I could amaze her with tasty home-cooked meals. She's a good cook but she'll readily admit that I'm better.

Cooking is like composing a symphony, it's like painting a masterpiece. When I'm really into it I'll spend hours in the kitchen making sure that every last thing is just right, my trusty tasting spoon always handy. And I have a special measuring spoon, cutting board, chopping knife, stirring spoon, a big old cooking pot and a sauce pan that I couldn't live without. Those are my lucky charms.

The Count Basie Orchestra is my favorite music to cook to. You've got to have some good cooking music.
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