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Default Re: Can Drummers Cook?

Manasta - Italian Soul Food
Get yourself a big stock pot. How big? How many people are you feeding, and do you want leftovers?
White Navy Beans - let them soak in water - overnight - in the stock pot.
Next day - meat - sometimes I use Ham Hocks - but last year I used a 5 lb. Pork Shoulder. No one complained that they got "extra meat" in their soup. Add the meat to the pot, cover with water and start cooking, about 3-5 hours before you're gonna serve (zero hour). You can always turn the heat down, if you need to. Serving "undercooked" pork to people, however, is a bad idea.
Now the fun part - PLAYING WITH KNIVES
Also, stir once in a while
Chop up some onions. 2 or 3. More, if you like onion, less if you don't.
Garlic - chop - 2 bulbs. I like garlic.
Carrots - chop - 2 lbs.
Greens- I used to use Endive - now I use Swiss Chard. Whatever works for you. It cooks down, so 2 or 3 heads/bunches of....
Potato - Navy Beans are enough starch for me....
OK....SO FAR you have the beans and meat cooking in the pot. The meat should be falling off the bone, buy the time this is done.
About 1 - 1 1/2 hours before people arrive....throw in everything, BUT the GREENS.
30-45 minutes 'til zero hour, add the greens.
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