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Default Re: Can Drummers Cook?

yep, sure do. Grew up with family owning two Mexican restaurants. Was in the ketchen at 8yrs old with dad on the weekends. Wanted to be a Chef but as I got older I realized it was way too much work. The hours suck. I guess it's ok for those who make it their passion every day. I would rather be making music.

Signature dishes:

Christmas morning Omlettes 3 egg. largest I ever made was a 6 egg

I am very popular for my spare ribs and tri-tip. If the meat doesn't hit the grill, just give up and use your oven.

Ponudo - Posole and Menudo mixed together. It's the best of both worlds!

Cajun catfish

Garlic saute mushrooms.

My favorite thing to do is make something good out of whatever I find in the fridge. My son hates when I do that. haha
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