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Default Re: The iTunes Shuffle Game

Originally Posted by Fuo View Post
I don't want to skip through 10 possibly good songs, so I'll just post the last 10 that have played (always on shuffle).
Same here. Le'see...

Strength Beyond Strength by Pantera
How to Disconnect from Your Social Surrounding in Half an Hour by War from a Harlot's Mouth
The Reign of Shemsu-Hor by Behemoth
Reclaim by Keep of Kalessin
Stream of Consciousness by Textures
Faceless by Threat Signal
Sleeping Giant by Mastodon
The Sleep: Floating Diversity - A Monument Part III by Enslaved
Selling Out by Tristania
Murderers of the Murderers by Heaven Shall Burn

Bah, none of the few non-metal artists made their way to the list.
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