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Default Re: The iTunes Shuffle Game

Originally Posted by boomstick View Post
Thanks. I agree, Van Lear Rose is a great album. An unlikely collaboration between two great artists that really worked. I dig every song on it. I usually play it when we're on the road, heading for a camping trip. It really fits the mood in rural surroundings.

Now, given that you liked my list, I think I should check out some of the bands on yours that I'm not familiar with.
lol... don't bother! Nohawks are a punk band I used to play with, songs there are differerent stages of mixing, Warren G and Geto Boys are 90's rap, Propagandhi are also a punk band, Cedar is another band of mine, again, a rough mix...

I do however strongly recommend Curtis Mayfield and Sly and the Family Stone if you are into Kool and the Gang.

Van Lear Rose is one of the few albums my gf and I can really agree upon. I do admittedly have a bit of a soft spot for a bit of twang, but Mr. White's production of the album as a whole makes it pretty classic. Just good music.
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