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Default Re: Led Zeppelin is Rediculous.

Originally Posted by Strangelove View Post
Page himself was an artist who dwelled in the outer stratosphere when compared to most rock writers/composers/producers. He was an artistic genius and he nor that band deserves to be slammed for being cheap thieves who deliberately ripped off some lowly Delta and Chicago Blues artists for profit. Copping blues standards was SOP in Britain during the 1960s - look at the Rolling Stones, John Mayall, Eric Clapton, etc. Plus, Zeps style of lulling you to sleep with light acoustical intros which up and kick you between the legs when they launch into guitar and matched bass riffs was more reminiscent of classical music than it was of any Willie Dixon or Sonny Boy Williamson 12 Bar Blues standard. It was also copied by most every famous rock act since, especially Aerosmith, Boston, and Heart. Everything in music gets copied, if you really look at it.
Works for me doctor.....well said.
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