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Default Re: The dog keeps doing it

Originally Posted by brady View Post
Have you tried peeing on the dog's stuff?

Maybe he'll realize what a nuisance it is when it happens to him...
Holy crap LMFAO! Thats the best reply yet among all the other great ones. Nice...

See my drums are in a finished basement, and the next room a step down is the laundry room where the litter box is. So I cant block the room off with a door. The pee has already ruined the finish on my new hi-hat pedal, thats when I installed the fence. It keeps the cat out but the little hot dog can still reach the rubber feet on a few stands. I m going to look for the Rid-ex and see if it helps. I ll save my stash of warheads and automatic weaponry for the next person that attempts to steal anything from me...
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