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Default Re: The iTunes Shuffle Game

1. Hootie and The Blowfish - Hold my Hand (classic)
2. Tribute to Wes Montgomery - Bock to Bock
3. Korn - Blind
4. Gimagua - El Carretero (These guys were playin in a NYC subway and i bought their CD...they're really good.)
5. Duke Ellington - The Mystery Song
6. Phil Collins - Easy Lover (ummm...yea....)
7. Audioslave - Seven Nation Army (a live cover they did one night...)
8. Gimagua - Calienta El Sol
9. Charles Mingus - My Jelly Roll Soul
10. Chick Corea - Children's Song (this is such a haunting piece)

God some good variety there I'd say.
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