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Default Re: Led Zeppelin is Rediculous.

Originally Posted by swiNg View Post
then you should do yourk homework again, thanks to the british bands like rolling stones, them, zeppelin, yarbirds et all, the blues became something more than just afroamerican music in a time when that was marginalising. you could even say they stood in front of the civilrights movement just by playing blues oldies.Even if that was not their purpose. And they put the spot on the artists they borrowed from or covered.
Yeah they put the spotlight on blues musicians but they kept the money, fame and adulation.

I grew up on Zep, idloizing them to the point of thinking they were something more than mere mortals. It really bothered me when I found out that they had to pay out of court settlements to Wille Dixon. If that isnt an admission of plaigarism then what is?
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