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Default Re: The dog keeps doing it

Originally Posted by crdirtRider856 View Post
The dog keeps peeing on my stands... and the cat keeps peeing on the carpet. I ve installed high-security perimeters consisting of chicken wire and twisty ties around my set but he still has good enough aim to mark his territory through the fence onto every stand leg he can see.

Anyone know of a remedy for this?
Ah yes, a common problem amongst drumming professionals but one that most prefer not to talk about (for obvious reasons). The problem also afflicts keyboard players as well as very stationary vocalists like Jon Anderson, whose decision to wear white on stage is a clear act of defiance.

Those in the know recommend Dog Rid, formulated with a special blend of tiger and crocodile hormones, guaranteed to scare off territorial and amorous pooches.

Say hello to Dog Rid and say goodbye to rusty stands and sticky pedals ... FOREVER!!
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