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Default Re: Cant practice. Whats a good instrument to switch to?

Several years ago I suffered a huge health problem and coupled with losing everything I owned in a robbery, I had no drums for some time. I kept my drum set chops up by playing air drums and a practice pad. When I finally was healthy several years later I ventured into a drum store. The manager having not seen me for ages asked me to play a kit. Out came years of drumming frustration. And all the drummers applauded and I felt I could finally return to drumming. And people at this forum urged me to return.

I do not mention the above as a matter of ego. It is simply this: I was able to keep my chops up to a certain point through air drumming and the practice pad. I was already a pro so I had a head start. But I really loved the drums and did not wish to part ways with it.

If you want to drum you will find a way. If you don't you wont. Either is fine and up to you. Maybe kit is not your instrument. There are many percussion instruments to try. Perhaps find a samba group and begin playing with them?

Good luck either way.
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