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Originally Posted by caddywumpus View Post
Hmm...where I'm from, a good skateboard costs a whole lot more than that. It's about $55-$75 for the deck itself, and then with everything else added (trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape...) it comes to around $120.

I've seen some skateboards for sale at the local supermarket for around $50, but the decks were warped, the wheels were a squishy rubber, and the trucks were plastic. DON'T get one of those! If she's 11 and serious about it, get her something that isn't going to break while she's riding. Quality quality quality!
You are right;don't want any accidents or money tossed down the drain. I will check out a specialty store and get a good one and that is the price I figured a good one would cost. Thanks for your help.

Originally Posted by KBadd View Post are a drummer and you will buy her a skateboard!?! WHY NOT just get her a pair of sticks and a snare stand and snare. She will be FREAKED OUT! BFD. If she don't want it, take it back. YOU WIN!
Ha Ha, you are a fellow drum head (no pun intended) Her mother bought her one of those small electric pianos at Christmas, has not ben touched yet. Does not seem to have an interest for her except exchanging Justin Beiber mp3's with her freinds besides her mother would kill me.

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