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Default Re: Middle Tennessee Floods

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
Good news for your side. The adjuster will love 350 pix.
I spent the day with the insurance adjuster and he took so many pictures that he killed his battery in his camera and had to put his card in my D40 to finish up. I bet he took another 350 pictures on top of the ones I already took.

We are in clean up mode now. We thought we may get some production going, but several motors have to be sent off to be dried out. A lot of little things are going have to be addressed.

What's bad is several of our tanks floated up and back down ruining the plumbing.

The insurance adjuster isn't covering anything outside of the building. It has to be under the main roof. Also any equipment that is in pits is not covered either. We have a 1 million dollar policy and I have no doubt that we will meet or exceed that number.
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