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Default Re: pretty dumb question

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
GD, if people share a bike then neither are walking all the time.

Larry, the amount of aspirin works on the laws of diminishing returns. So if two aspirins removed all pain then the extra two aspirins are pointless. For a strong pain, four aspirins will reduce the pain more but it would be extra hard on the stomach living. However, if two aspirins don't touch the sides then you'd be better off with a codeine-based painkiller instead and if that don't touch the sides then a methadone-based one.

Thaard, the trees would not laugh. Watching fat boys falling over is much funnier :-P

Another question: why would Bob have a Dorothy costume?
Which is why I said, "However if the bike rider gives the walker a ride then they will arrive faster but I don't think those were the parameters given. "
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