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Originally Posted by wy yung View Post
I believe Travis Barker is a fine drummer. I came upon his playing through teaching when students would ask me to teach them his grooves. What I learned was that Travis has a wonderful knack of incorporating elements of ethnic rhythm into his pop/rock grooves. As a teacher I found this very beneficial because it led to discussions with students as to where a rhythm came from. I have the Blink 182 book and find it very useful in my teaching. A teacher must be hip to what is happening today so I listen with interest to what Travis does.

I see no real reason why many people bag him out. Often it seems petty. Perhaps born of jealousy. It is true he is no Buddy Rich, but then who is? The fact remains that Travis Barker plays well, inspires legions of new drummers and does what he does very well. He may be the most successful drummer since Ringo at bringing people to drumming. That is something to be proud of. And it is something to be respected.

I tip my hat to Travis Barker.
Good post, +1 from me.
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