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Default Re: Let's see your Gretsch kits (saved the best for last!)

I've posted my 58 kit here before but I've recently restored a 60's Dixieland 6 lug (5.25X14)snare. I was going to wrap it in the same Red Sparkle but after stripping it down the wood looked too nice to wrap. I played around with some Tung Oil & Clear Gloss Varathane and liked the outcome.

I have it in the mix with my 58 kit for now. I like the it - it's got a metalic tone. That might have something to do with how I finished the inside. I redid the Silver Sealer - a few coats - and added a couple of coats of the Clear Gloss lacquer over that - nice and reflective.

58 DRUMS: 20/12/14
The Parade drum off my hats is used as a tom here - Gretsch 1949 - Restored (cleaned) & finished with Tung Oil (no gloss lacquer) - Hoops were not refinished - cleaned only.

I LOVE PLAYING THIS KIT - I've been waiting decades for these and they came my way quite by chance last Fall....I think I related the story somewhere in one of the threads on this site - maybe this thread.
I have a very short video demoing the 60 snare - just a few hits is all - but you can tell what I mean about the metalic tone. If you're interested I can post a link here.
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