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Originally Posted by buehnerm66 View Post
I may be splitting hairs here, but I feel there is a definitive difference between punk and pop/punk. Travis is pop/punk. Anyone agree? Or should I just shut up?
Works for me. I not a huge Blink fan by any measure, but what I've heard, I wouldn't neccessarily define as "punk" in the same vein as the Pistols, Clash, Dammned, Black Flag et al. Pop punk seems fitting I guess. But it sells well and keeps them all employed, so hats off to the lot of them.

As for TB, he does what he does well. That's enough for me. I couldn't care less if he is better/worse/on level pegging to the bloke next to him. He is the "best" Travis Barker there is.....what more can he do?.....what more should he have to do?
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