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Originally Posted by buehnerm66 View Post
Whether you like these bands is of no consequence to the discussion right now. My point is, Blink 182 is defined by Travis. Pop/punk, to a majority of the musician and nonmusician public, is defined by Blink 182. See where I'm going with this?

You have to accept that music is entirely subjective. Whether someone likes the band Blink 182 is entirely relevant to the discussion given, as you say, that Barker defines the band: if you don't like the band, you're not going to dig what he does.

You're clearly a big fan of him and the band and so you hear his playing as a cut above the rest; a big fan of Vinnie or Dave will do the same and dispute your assertion that the two are interchangeable. The producer who hires Vinnie isn't doing so because Dave wasn't available...
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