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Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
Great stuff Phil, you're killing me. :)

It's actually spot on to what I am going through in several ways, so it's a great read from that perspective as well.

It's amazing the amount of talent that never comes to the fore, and in my mind it has to do with celebrity culture, which is something that I really hate. I often feel like maybe that hatred is pretentious in and of itself. Truthfully, if Lady Gaga called me for an audition, I would be there in a minute. She just had auditions here in NY and a lot of the local kids went. I can't imagine it actually pays that much anyway.
Those people couldn't pay me a million or ten million to play that tripe. What a waste of time.
All those acts are a rip off. I feel sorry for the players doing them. Its truly sad what those gigs went to. They used to pay really well. Now they got wise to the desperation of most kids out there. And take advantage. I wish musicians had more inner strength and made those companies pay them what they are truly worth! well...Im glad someone is reading this anyway! Hahaha!
Live to play!
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