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Originally Posted by Drumbob View Post
Hi Phil! I think about it too. Being in my 40s, we did not have such access to people. I was just mentioning in the Steve Hass thread, that there's not enough online info on the guy.

Question. I think about all the easy access to so many great players. I believe that this leads homogenization of drumming styles though. I find these young players with great talent and technique, but they all sound the same. Because of this internet tool, there are more amazing players out there, yet less players with a voice. I think Ronald Bruner Jr is incredible, but honestly I would much rather listen to who he copies(dennis chambers, and billy cobham). I can name 40 or 50 known young players who all sound exactly like whom they admire. Coming from your generation, you have your own sound. That's rare today. What are your thoughts on this? are totally right.
The thing is matter what kind of information there is available, music is deep. It takes a long long time to find ones own voice. To be honest i dont think anyone in their 20's has found their own voice. Great players have told me they dont like to play with anyone under 30-

The situation is also...for every RBjr there are 40 50 100 1000 just like him all over the world. You just dont hear about them in the states. Each country has their own version of him. Etc. And the whole GC not interesting to me. No one plays that way in NY. I dont know where those guys actually play? I have not seen ANYONE in NY play like that on a gig. They would be axed on the spot.
Its the same thing that happened with Gadd, with Vinnie, with any drummers that become well known...there are clones. Imagine all the Buddy clones back in the day? Remember all the Dave W. clones with the mullets? Hahaha

A great drummer said to me once..."When you are the second dog pulling the bobsled you still dont see the horizon. All you see is *'*
I never forgot this. I dont see any point at all in copying someone in the long run. It just shows that you are inexperienced still and searching for your own thing.

There is nothing wrong with that and its a normal process. But the ultimate goal is to be an artist. To be a musician and not a total off shoot of someone. Imagine this situation in the art world? You would get eaten alive by critics!

There is a process or learning and some say that all creative work is derivative. OK...when you balance out the basic functions of an art then yes but there comes a point where the vocabulary separates, the motifs become unique etc etc...that is a beautiful thing to hear and see. Also it takes guts of steel to be your own man. To play it how YOU hear it. Not like someone else heard it and ride the coat tails.

Then the flip side of all this is that there are drummers the young cats hear about like RB and TONS or cats that are constantly working that kids DONT hear about. The Industry doesnt promote them or they just dont care about that side of things. These guys FAR outweigh in quantity the "Dig me guys" as Pat Petrillo says hahaha

Imagine all the guys that have graduated from NTS in the last 10 years. And all the guys from U of M and all the conservatories in Europe and in South America ETC ETC. There are soooooo many musicians one doesnt hear about it creates the illusion that GC types are taking over the world. Couldnt be further from the truth.
Its just they are into putting themselves in that position of being in festivals and on youtube.

So its totally normal to copy...the thing is now people see people "in process" and think thats the finished product. The culture...short term attention span...limelight culture...all that doesnt help. We see the result of all this by the situation the music industry is in. Its in the Toilet basically. Music is totally devalued. People want it for free.
Live to play!
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