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Default Re: Kumu four piece.

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
The big question- Why?
The big answer -- 'cos I wanna!

To further elaborate, getting these extra tubs will make my kit extremely versatile and malleable: there's the original pop kit (20-14-10), the new bop kit (18-14-12 or 18-14-10), a very small kit for small gigs (18-12-10), a small rock kit (20-16-12), a medium rock kit (20-16-14-12), a jazzy-fusiony kit (18-16-14-12-10), a rocky-jazzy-fusiony kit (20-16-14-12-10) and a weckly-funky-jazzy-fusiony kit (20-18-16-14-12-10)... and maybe more. I can also have two Kumu four pieces at my disposal if need be, and I won't have to tear down and pack up my entire setup for a small weekend gig.

...but really, I just wanna!
I play Kumu Drums. I also shoot videos.
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