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Default Re: steve morrison - pro drum tech

Originally Posted by Vibra-Slap'd & TitanSound
Out of interest...what moudules do you use on Reason

Hey Steve, will Tommy be using the "flying rigs" on this leg of the tour? And were those samples also run from your gear on stage right?

On Reason, I mostly use the Redrum & NN-XT modules, with a bunch of effects.

Tommy will be using the flying rigs again on this leg. All the samples you hear during the drum solo are being triggered from a ddrum4 module, M-Audio 61es MIDI controller & an E-Mu X4 Sampler. They are housed in a 4 space rack that lives on the grill deck of the stage left flying "techno kit." I load all the samples during linecheck in the afternoon, while the kit is still on the stage. The solo this leg will sound a little different than on the DVD shoot. Anyone near the cities we're playing should come check it out. I'll give you a little tour of the kit & my world. Just give me one week advance to set it up.
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