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Default Re: Led Zeppelin is Rediculous.

Too funny!. I was around that age when I realized how great Zeppelin is. I am 42 now. Yeah, their hit songs were great, but most people who don't know their deep cuts, the ones that arent on the radio,think of Zeppelin as nothing more than those mainstream tunes. I remember the day I heard Physical Graffitti. I was absolutely blown away. I could not beleive the incredible magic I was hearing. Most songs take a couples listens for me. After the tune "Ten Year's Gone" was over- check that- BEFORE it ended, it was my alltime favorite song, and still is.....

Led Zeppelin is a cut above everybody else by a mile. It is the greatest badn in the world and has crossed multiple generations attracting new fans every minute of evey day. Welcome to the club, my friend.
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