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Default Clive Bunker

In the same era of Mitchell, Bonham, Ward, Moon is Clive Bunker who backed Jethro Tull from 1967 - 1971...Very cool drumming from albums This Was - Stand Up and several others...My jazz influences came from Mitch Mitchell - Clive Bunker - Bill Ward without even realizing it growing up in the late 60's and 70's...I'd played Big Band music with my father's band starting at age 10 (And I'm so glad I did) but really learned how to groove from Clive and was able to add this into my Rock and Blues drumming growing up...I consider Clive's drumming to be the most influencial of all...I'm sure Bill Bruford or Neil Peart listened to Clive back then as you can hear the chops used in Tull's music enter into their genre several years later...Also...I'd like to add B.J. Wilson into the mix...The drummer for Procol Harum at their inception...I'd seen B.J. do the drum solo for Power Failure around 1970 - 71 and was blown away...Since I'm at it...Have a listen to ELP 1st album (I believe) to Knife Edge - Tank - The Barbarian...Carl Palmer...Anyways, Clive Bunker...One of the best and no one ever talk's about his contributions...Drummer Hall of Fame without question...Thanks Clive...
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