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Default Re: pretty dumb question

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
But back on topic, what is an itch exactly? Is it those microscopic bugs that live on our skin? And why does it migrate when you start scratching? Do they relocate?
An itch is simply an irritating sensation that causes a desire to scratch. Could be caused by microscopic bugs but did you know that itching can and is often psychological in nature and caused by stress or anxiety? For some people, just talking or reading about the words itching and scratching can bring about the desire to scratch. This is sometimes known as "contagious itch." This is somewhat similar to why we sometimes yawn when we see or hear others yawn.

Now that everybody is itching and scratching, back on topic: Fruit Flies. When you have a piece of unripe fruit in the house, no fruit flies. The fruit gets too ripe, then BAM! Fruit Flies! Do the come in from outdoors or are they larvae hiding within the fruit somewhere and just hatch after the fruit ripens?
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