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Default Re: pretty dumb question

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post

This begs the question - why isn't there a furore about heavy coffee drinkers gaining an unfair advantage in the workplace over those who don't drink coffee? The edge gained by the use of caffeine as a performance-enhancing drug could mean the difference between winning that promotion - or not. Is this because work is less important than sport?
OK Polly, we're sorry we didn't take your lead here. How inconsiderate of us. An international public apology is being commisioned, look for it on your TV following these words: "We interupt your regularly scheduled programming for this special news bulletin..."

Actually this is a legitimate question, far too smart for this "dumb" thread. But I can shoot holes in it right off the bat.

First off it's not an unfair advantage. Non coffee drinkers have perfectly legal 5 hour energy drinks they can take. If they opt not to, that's their choice, their possible promotion. If I was an employer, I would promote the person who gave the best results the fastest. What do I care how they got there?

Work is not less important, it's just that there's no national committee breathing down most business' neck, and they can do whatever they need to do, to meet their goals. Including having their employees caffeine loading to produce timely results.

But back on topic, what is an itch exactly? Is it those microscopic bugs that live on our skin? And why does it migrate when you start scratching? Do they relocate?
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