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Default Re: High School Band Experiences/Stories? What you learned from them?

Aha =] the last story reminded me of what happend on my schools music tour. We were playing in massive park thing in belguim or france, i cant remember but a local man that busks must have saw one of our flyers we were handing out and he turned up. He brought along his guitar to, which had a massive hole on its back, and during our setting up and sound check he stood in front of the microphone and began playing one of his songs, it was a weird moment, but very funny, when we had finished setting up and stuff, one of tech guys kiked him off stage. I thought that we had saw the end of him, but he sat in the front row, and when the first band went on he jumped on with his broken guitar and tried to jam with them, it was great cause he did a little dance whilst he was playing his guitar and then one of our tech guys kiked him off stage again, so then the busker guy grabbed one of our samba drums and sat through the rest of the bands tapping along in the front row. That was a funny day.
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